Welcome to MouseAway, the specialist mice division of 'The PestAway Group'.
We provide professional eradication, control and monitoring of pest mice in domestic and commercial situations.
We offer a Free Survey to enable us to assess the problem in full and to prescribe an appropriate solution.
Why Do I Have Mice In My Property
& Why Are They A Problem? 
What Is The Treatment? 
How Much Will This Cost Me?
However cute these liitle guys might appear, they pose
a serious risk to health and can cause major damage to property.
Their inquisitive nature means they will explore almost anything but it's not always about food. 
In colder temperatures, they will seek harbourage indoors and risk the increase in human activity.  A loft will provide warm insulation for nesting and a lack of food is overcome by venturing outside for berries or suchlike. 
Their incisor teeth never stop growing so mice have to chew to suppress this growth.  This puts wiring and pipe work at risk and many fires and floods have been caused by gnawing damage from rodents.
   There are many options for tackling the unwanted
   presence of mice. 
   Firstly we need to establish the most likely point of
   entry and, if possible, look at proofing measures to
   prevent further ingress.
   Due to the fast rate of reproduction, it is generally
   recommended that the eradication of mice inside is
   This can be done using rodenticide poison or trapping
   depending of the circumstances.
   Mice are highly intelligent and we may need to
   consider issues such as 'behavioural resistance.
   Treatments start from £25 but every situation is
   We feel that quoting prices over the phone or prior to a
   proper assessment can be misleading and result in
   inadequate treatment.  If a company has to treat
   based on a set price, they may overlook other
   important factors such as proofing or resistance.
   We offer a free survey to ensure we can provide
   options for treatment having considered all the aspects
   Some treatments may pose a risk to pets, or there may
   be housekeeping issues that need resolving to aid
   All this can be considered properly after a free survey.